About Dr. Hettige


Dr. Hettige joined as an Associate member of College of General Practitioners from 199 andnow is a life member of College of General Practitioners. He is a Council member for more than 10 years and held the positions of Assistant secretary, Secretary and treasurer. Currently Dr. Hettige represents College of General Practitioners in the National Advisory committee on Communicable Diseases. He also represents College in the Medicine Evaluatory Sub-Committee and now he is appointed to the Advisory committee to the National Medicine Regulatory Authority. He held post in many scientific and organizing committees of the college and was the Chairman of viral study group and medical education committee in the past. He has been in the editorial board of the journal of Sri Lanka Family Physician and the IMPA journal. He is also a council member and editor of the Independent Medical Association, Sri Lanka. He is also a council member of the Independent Medical Association & Vaccine forum of Sri Lanka.

He was the Ex-Chairperson of the Board of study in Family Medicine at the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, university of Colombo. He is a Board member in Family medicine for post-Graduate Institute of Medicine from 2004 up to now. He has been the Chief examiner in diploma in family medicine, MD in family medicine in both Sri Lanka and India. He has also held the posts of coordinator in Diploma in family medicine & MD in family medicine. Dr. Hettige is an honorary senior lecturer at faculty of Medicine University of Colombo, a visiting lecturer at Kothalawala Defence Academy and an external faculty member in faculty of medical sciences, University of Sri Jayawadenapura.

Patent Rights and Inventions
  • For two processes in the treatment of medical conditions with papaya leaf extracts.
  • Inventor of Oil of Dermae skin preparation for keratinisation disorders and a hair cream for the stimulation of hair growth.

National and International Awards
  • Won the prestigious Presidential Award for the Best Inventor in the field of Medicine at the 2016 Presidential Award Ceremony.
  • Won the Silver Award for the recognition of the creative innovation of Papaya leaf capsules for Dengue Fever at the India International Innovation Fair 2016.

Dr. Hettige is also a business Entrepreneur and is the Chairman of the Earthians (Private) Limited Oil of Dermae group of companies which involves in Herbal and Cosmetic manufacturing Tourism and Hotels, Luxury Apartment renting, Tea, Cinnamon and Rubber Plantations.