SKIN DERMAE (Skin Cream)

  • Oil of Dermae is a tropical preparation that contains oils. Oil of Dermae provides a surface film of lipids restoring the barrier function and prevents loss of water. Oil of Dermae adds moisture to superficial layers of skin, softens the dry skin and soothes inflamed skin. The normal skin acts as a barrier to water loss and entry by irritants and allergens. Decreased levels of lipids in the skin impair this function. Oil of Dermae can repair this barrier by acting as an occlusive layer trapping water beneath it. The cells absorb this water, they swell up, further restoring the epidermal layer. Oil of Dermae increases skin’s moisture-binding capacity. Oil of Dermae sustains skin hydration for prolonged periods and helps to soften skin. Oil of Dermae improves skin flexibility and makes it more supple.

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